Three-Peat Heat

The Miami Heat Are Anticipated To Win the Championship in 2014

The 2013-2014 season looks like it is shaping up to be another high note for the team that has just won back to back titles. A new poll conducted among the general managers of the league predicted that the Heat will have another stellar season this year. The poll stated that Miami Heat Tickets were going to be more expensive because they are the favorites to repeat as champions again this year. It may take a little ways in to the season to determine if this will be correct, but it seems to be the prevailing wisdom in the league right now.

Lebron Voted as MVP Winner

The team has had some great success over the past few years, and of course that has been due in large part to the presence of LeBron James. The GM poll also predicted that James would repeat again this year as the league’s Most Valuable Player. Since he has come to the Heat, the team has made three consecutive trips to the Finals. This has included winning the last two championship titles, and no one in the league doubts his impact. Many will wonder if LeBron will continue to perform at high levels like they have seen him do over the few years with the team.

Three Best Friends: James, Chris, and Dwyane

There are many key factors that indicate that the Heat are destined to win the title again this year. In addition to LeBron James, the Heat also benefit from having perennial All-star Dwyane Wade on the team. Chris Bosh will also round out the team’s list of superstar players again this year. They will also have a stellar cast of supporting players, including Mike Miller and Ray Allen. This was the 12th consecutive year that the GM poll has been conducted and many will be wondering whether the results will come true.