How The Miami Music Week Went Down

The just conclude Miami Music Week was more than just a festival. It was one of those events that you just can’t afford to miss especially if you are a fan of EDM, Trance, and Dance. It combined everything that any fan of these three genres would be looking for and in five days, it was just electrifying music and fun for everyone at the show. If there was an Olympics for music, basically this is the event to equal that. With a line up that was not just one of the best, but it made sure that anyone present had the best time. There was plenty of music from artists that just made the party even better including some of the best Bollywood DJ mix songs 2016.

STORY brought the party to a whole new level with the skills displayed and the brilliance of knowing what would get the audience entertained. This is the performance that most hailed as the highlight of the event, and there was no doubt about that. Dance music is on a rise and the fact that so many people came to the party and showed their further support lays substantial claim to this. Robbie Rivera made sure that the music was kept at that level that no one would be disappointed, and that’s exactly what he accomplished at the event. Tom Starr as well was at the festival, and he also did a splendid job that can only be hailed as superb. There was never a point in the whole week that the music ever disappointed and the people partied from morning till morning.

This is the kind of energy that surrounds EDM, Trance and Dance and that is exactly what was there for the whole week. People came from far just to attend this festival, and the artists present as well never let down for a minute. DUBVISION, one of the best that is out there at the moment was in full swing and made the whole scene just absolutely amazing. One of the biggest names in EDM at the moment was at the festival too, and this is Chuckie. The Dutch DJ, as well as a record producer, was one of the largest names at the event, and it was just one that one could not afford to miss. If you thought that was the highlight of the event, then you missed TRITONAL, the American duo that has been the face of Trance for quite a while were there too, and they made sure that the place was electrified as it should.

The after parties at the event were nothing less of amazing in their right. With lineups that were just electric to the clubs that they were held. Maceo Plex, Danny Daze, and Agoria were just some of the few names that you couldn’t afford to miss at the after parties. This Music Festival paves the way for the EDM, Trance and Dance music scenes to have their day in the sun. The number of people that turned up for this festival as well as the artists proves to show that there is a lot to come from this scene. Next year will be even better as promised.