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One of the biggest and best teams in the NFL with numerous amounts of passion and tradition is the Washington Redskins.  The Redskins drafted one of the best college quarterbacks of all time that goes by the name RG3.  He alone made the prices of Redskins tickets and Redskins season tickets increase ten fold.  His natural ability to lead and play the game of football re-energized the franchise and its fans.  A well spoken gentleman who attended the christian school, Baylor University, and graduated with honors.  Robert Griffin 3rd won the Heisman trophy while playing at Baylor and got drafted second in the first round by the Washington redskins.

An issue has risen in the DC metropolitan area that a majority of fans are plagued  with on a daily basis.  RG3 has just recovered from serious reconstructive knee surgery and the Washington Redskins have been playing very poorly.  Obviously, football is a team game and the buck does not stop at RG3, however, all of the fans are ultimately blaming him for the current state of the team.  I do not believe RG3 is the problem, rather, the team is not fully committed to his return and are not showing up on Sunday’s.