Tex Rickard and The Founding of the NY Rangers

A Brief History of the New York Rangers

The NY Rangers are an ice hockey team who play in the NHL (National Hockey League). Their home, Madison Square Garden in New York City, gives fans looking to buy Rangers tickets a unique and unforgettable experience. The team first began in 1926, and has since gone on to win four Stanley Cup Championships. The NY Rangers were founded in 1926 by Tex Rickard, who worked as a promoter. The press started to label the new team as the ‘Tex’s Rangers’, which is a play on the widely known police force, the Texas Rangers. Upon this, the team deemed the nickname appropriate, and has been known as the ‘Rangers’ ever since.

The Rangers Create A Foundation in NHL History Books

In their early years, the Rangers were very successful; winning the Stanley cup in the years of 1933, 1928 and 1940. Bill Cook won the Art Ross Trophy by scoring as the leader in 1927 and 1933, with Bryan Hextall following in 1942. However, such successes were short lived and they performed poorly in the mid-1940s. The team showed improvement by the early 1950s, and competed in the Stanley Cup Final. Buddy O’Connor later went on to win the Hart Trophy, as the most valued played in 1948, and New York Ranger goaltender Chuck Rayner followed suit by winning in 1950.

Dutton’s Curse

The team failed to make it to the finals again until early 1970, however, they lost to the Boston Bruins. At this point, they were being led by players such as Jean Ratelle and Rod Gilbert. The following time they made it to the finals, and lost to the Montreal Canadians. The team was rivaled by a fellow New York team, The Americans. They felt that the Rangers were favored by their playing location in Madison Square Garden. The Americans’ manager, Red Dutton stated that the New York Rangers would not win a Stanley Cup as long as he is alive, which is known as ‘Dutton’s Curse’, which proved to be true; the NY Rangers did not win another Stanley Cup until 1994.