Radio City XMAS Spectacular


It’s Not a Christmas Spectacular Without “The Rockettes”

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes is a musical holiday show on stage that is presented yearly. It takes place at Radio City Music Hall in the “Big Apple”, New York City. It is an extravagant show that features a lavish costumes and sets, and performed by about 140 individuals. It also has its own original music score, combining humor, dancing and singing. All these are presented in a stage setting that is nothing short of being spectacular. The presentation revolves around The Rockettes; a precision dance troupe made of women.

History Behind the Talent

The very first version of the presentation was 1933. The show has then become Christmas tradition in New York City, and it is being witnessed by millions of people each year. It was originally intended as 30-minute filler in-between movie showings. Now it has expanded to the full-blown 90 minute show format.

Since 2007, NBC has been airing the show as being a standalone special. As of 2009, it has evolved to a fund-raising special that is aired for public televisions across the United States in an effort to promote families to Buy Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets.

In 2007, the show celebrated its 75th anniversary. The show was being updated and directed by Linda Haberaman, and it features new choreography and design. NBC was the first to film the new edition of the show, and it is available for DVD purchase under the production of Time Life Entertainment. There is also a two disc version of the DVD that features behind-the-scenes documentary.

This March Never Skips a Beat

When going to buy Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets, remember that this performance is a strong tradition; so strong that it even continued playing in December 2007, despite the fact that most of the Broadway theatres in New York closed down due to a strike. The show is simply spectacular without even mentioning its rich history. Because of that, it is not something that your family would want to miss out on this Holiday Season!